Prusik USA is a security firm with a staff that is proficiently trained and adequately equipped to provide superior performance, professional courtesy, and excellent service.

For more than 5 years, our professional security staff has been ready to meet the diversity of security, training, and armament consultation needs of the public and private sectors in the Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas areas.

Our Passion

 Everything we do, we believe in challenging the Status Quo - we believe in thinking differently.  We provide the best security services by building trust, teamwork, and respect - having more than another customer-supplier relationship.  Efficient security requires a collective effort of security and client personnel.  If your company wants effective protection of every aspect of your facility, then we have a service for you.


Our Values
Keeping with our philosophy “Mission First – People Always“, we strive to meet our client’s needs, and care for our employees.  When either have deficiencies, as they occasionally do, we identify the root cause and act with a proportionate response.  We hold our officers accountable to the expectations and standards set by the security-client management team by conducting routine briefings, on-the-spot-corrections, counseling, training, and operational and special meetings – the basic principle of “Don’t expect what you don’t inspect“.


Our Service
We understand you want the best security for your money. The most important thing in having the best security is having a positive culture. However, a positive culture in which client-security operations can thrive is a challenge that must be met with fortitude. Achieving a productive culture and improving security takes persistenceand patience - challenging the status quo- to raise the standards and performance.  Prusik has experience in leading in a changing environment – improving security one-step-at-a-time.

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